LOFTE KESHO PLATFORM, An integrated eco-system of hardware, software and strategic experts such as veterinary officers and financial experts.

Lofte Kesho Platform is a system that uniquely combines the livestock and financial services ecosystems to enhance the livestock value chain and bring new financial services to livestock farmers.

Smallholder livestock farmers, which represent a large population of the livestock industry in most emerging markets, are unable to collateralize their ‘livestock as an asset’ to access formal financing, and livestock insurance is not widely accessible to these farmers, mainly due to moral hazard and fraud issues.

Lofte Kesho encourages financial inclusion for the smallholder farmers by improving liquidity within the livestock value chain.

Smallholder livestock farmers will access working capital as loans using their livestock as collateral thanks to the Lofte Kesho financial partners.

Our solution addresses issues of:

(1) Identity fraud

(2) Asset ownership fraud

(3) Data security risk

(4) Credit assessment risk

(5) Livestock insurance moral hazard

(6) Livestock tracking and traceability

(7) Cost effectiveness