The Lofte Kesho Story

“Löfte” is Swedish for promise and “Kesho” is Swahili for tomorrow while Imorgon Nu is Swedish for tomorrow now.

Lofte Kesho was born out of the necessity to create solutions for the livestock farmers in Africa now and not tomorrow. We believe in solving the farmers problems now hence bring tomorrow now.

As an agritech and fintech organization, We are very much concerned with the future of food security in Africa and more so in Kenya.

FAO under the United Nations and World Bank say that food demand will increase 70% by year 2050 and this is why we are keen on contributing positively to the United Nations sustainable development goals #SDGS2030 such as #Zerohunger #Nopoverty and #Decentwork and #Economicgrowth.

The agricultural sector is the backbone of the economy, contributing approximately 50 percent of Kenya’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Livestock itself contributes +12% to the GDP and it can produce more than this.

Over 70% or 17 Million+ people out of the total labor work force (24 Million+) in Kenya are farmers, however, agricultural productivity has stagnated in recent years.

Smallholder farmers and agricultural enterprises continue to face challenges growing their businesses and improving the quality of agricultural goods.

Kenya’s population is 53.77M and according to FAO and World Bank the country is growing rapidly, at 2.5 percent annually, and is forecasted to reach a population of 66 million by 2030 and 91.5 million by 2050. And now literally the key question is, Will we be able to feed ourselves by year 2030?

There are over 18.8 Million cattle, 26 Million sheep and 18 Million goats in the country and Lofte Kesho has learnt that technology will not solve all the farmers’ problems and challenges.

Lofte Kesho empowerment projects have to be a combination of technology and various stake holders in our livestock sector, we have created what is called an integrated agri-services platform to combat various livestock farmers’ related challenges.

Our goal is to unlock as much farm benefits to livestock farmers as possible with a target of 500,000 farmers in the next 7 years and a projected impact of over 1.5 Million livestock heads in Kenya.

We envision sustainable agriculture practices through our integrated agri-services platform.

Together we can support the climate action, good jobs and economic growth – Sustainable Development Goals/SDG 2030 and our very own Big 4 agendas, Food Security by Hon. Uhuru Kenyatta, The President of the Republic of Kenya.

Lofte Kesho works with livestock farmers to unlock financial benefits, animal identity, animal records, and health and nutrition production.

Growing up we would see our parents, uncles and aunties sell off their livestock just to afford school fees, medical bills and a livelihood. The problem with this sale is that the farmer loses an asset, an income earner and worse the farmer is unable to buy a new cow to replace the sold one and mind you the first sale was under valued due to the urgency of the sale 🙁 Well, Do not be sad as Lofte Kesho has a perfect solution for this problem.

Join us as we change the World, 1 farmer at a time 🙂